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Alain Prince (aprince[at], co-manager of the Montreal-based "Technipierre Héritage" company in Quebec, has kindly apprised CERAV of what is unquestionably a first in the "Belle Province", ie the building of a dry stone cabanon.

We are pleased to publish below, the report and photos we received. This great achievement by our cousins across the Atlantic bodes well for the survival of a building craft that we hold dear. 

CERAV wishes to congratulate Alain Prince and his team of builders on their successful venture.

Location : Site of the "Les pierres de Saint-Canut" company at Saint-Canut (three quarters of an hour's drive to the north of Montreal, close to the airport).

350 man-hours to sort out the stones and build the cabanon.

41 tons of stone (hard, beige-yellowish sandstone with a 1.4m3 density and an 85% silica content).

Height of vault = 3.30 m

Overall height = 3.63 m

Outside diameter of base part = 3.65 m

Inside diameter = 1.90 m

Entrance:  height = 1.60 m, width = 0.70 m

Window: height = 0.60 m, width = 0.33 m

Depth of concrete foundation slab  = 30 cm, height of drain of crushed stones and base part = 1.80 m

Estimated cost (material, labour and general terms): about CAN $30 000.

Duration: from 5th to 14th December 2003 (average outside temperature: - 8 Celsius degrees).

The building experiment will feature in a documentary dealing with traditional crafts in Quebec and due to be released in Spring. A study conducted by an engineer is also in the pipeline. With a bit of luck, there may be a rash of dry stone cabanons in the near future.

© Alain Prince

The team of builders

© Alain Prince

The initial layers of the base part

© Alain Prince

Tackling the roof

© Alain Prince

Vault and roof go up at the same time

© Alain Prince

The corbelling becomes more and more pronounced

© Alain Prince

After completion

© Alain Prince

Quebec's first dry stone cabanon

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© Alain Prince - CERAV
March 13th, 2004

To be referenced as:
Alain Prince, Quebec builds its first dry stone cabanon!
March 13th, 2004

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